The Welsh Museum

202 East South Street
Welsh, Louisiana

The Welsh Museum showcases the city’s history with its vast collection of old photographs and memorabilia from some of its earliest residents.  Exhibits include an old blacksmith shop, an agricultural section with antique farm equipment, a home and family section, a cattle section that includes saddles, maps and photos of the early cattle industry, and a military exhibit honoring the area’s veterans.  The museum is housed in a brick building built in 1903.  Located next to the museum is an antique grocery store from the early 1900s called “Little Cove”.​

Welsh Museum Item of the Month

In the late 1960's and 1970's, tales of nearby Indians were abundant in the southwest Louisiana area.  Jack Bonnin, a Jefferson Davis Parish educator and administrator living in Welsh, who had a curiosity about these stories and their veracity, scoffed at these tales until a resident who lived some miles south of Welsh showed him many of the arrowheads he had found when plowing a field near his home.  This farmer claimed that he and others had picked them out of their tractor treads and had sometimes used the points as chips when playing poker.

Jack had already done some exploring with some high school students along the lower Lacassine Bayou where there were elongated, raised banks of shell with vegetation on top - "middens" - that they found containing off bits of ceramic, sometimes decorated, which seemed to be broken pottery.  There were also, a bit below the midden surface, signs of fire pits, pieces of bone and small pieces of stones with chipped edges or points, indicating the presence of Native-American occupation at a far earlier time.

Welsh City Hall

112 South Adams St.

P.O. Box 786
Welsh, Louisiana 70591

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Welsh City Court

201 South Elms St.

Welsh, Louisiana 70591

Welsh Water Plant

700 E. South St.

Welsh, Louisiana 70591

Welsh Sewer Plant

117 Plank St.

Welsh, Louisiana 70591

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