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Pictured: Jackie Balmer-Mayor Pro Temp, Clint Hardy, Lawrence “Bugger” Mier, Karl Arceneaux-Mayor, Ronnie Hayes, Andrea King, Alderman, and Eva C. Kibodeaux-Clerk

Eva Kibodeaux – Town Clerk

Marcus Crochet - Chief of Police

John Hall – Fire Chief

This office supervises a caring and friendly staff at City Hall. This department is responsible for the financial operations of the town as well as handling the everyday request and needs of our citizens.

Chief Crochet leads a dedicated staff of patrolmen and dispatchers who keep a careful watch over the town to protect our families from harm and crime. Dedicated officers are equipped to provide citizens peace of mind.

Chief Hall heads a dedicated group of volunteer firemen. These individuals provide the citizens with medical and fire protection. The fire department is well equipped and trained to meet the needs of our community.

Robbie Vanicor – Parks and Recreation

Richard Arceneaux – Town Attorney

Current Aldermen

Mr. Vanicor coordinates the recreational activities of our youth.  These include baseball, softball, T-ball, soccer, and football.  The council has a keen interest in the development of our young citizens and feels that an organized recreational program is key to providing constructive activities to aid in the development of our youth.​
Richard "Rick" Arceneaux serves as the Town's Attorney and he handles all legal affairs regarding the Town of Welsh.
  • Lawrence "Bugger" Mier

  • Jackie Balmer

  • Andrea King

  • Clint Hardy

  • Ronnie Hayes

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