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About Welsh, Louisiana ...

"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual pursuits."

Photo by DCB Photo Studios

Mayor Karl Arceneaux

Our History ...

The history of the community dates back to the late 1800’s, when Henry Welsh came to the area as his father, Miles Welsh moved west from New Orleans. The Welsh’s settled in our area and pursued their interest in raising cattle. The first Town Council in 1888, consisted of Mayor Henry Welsh, Alderman Alex Verrett, JD Kimball, Hosea Prentice, Jean Beaufort, and CD Welsh. The town was officially incorporated in 1888.

In 1898, five miles of sidewalk were laid. As the town evolved into an agricultural hub, surrounded by rice and cattle, rice sold for $2.25 a barrel in 1911 and labor was $1.00 per day, dawn to dusk! In 1910, on Easter morning, six blocks of the thriving downtown area were destroyed by fire. Thirty businesses were burned to the ground! Welsh had no fire department or water supply at that time. Thankfully, the Southern Pacific Railroad sent men 22 miles from Lake Charles to help extinguish the fire. The fire destroyed much property that day but failed to diminish the strong character of the town’s citizens, they immediately began rebuilding.

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