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LEPA - Louisiana Energy and Power Authority

     Most of us don't think about how power gets to our homes - we just realize how important it is in our daily lives when it goes out.  So where does the Town of Welsh get it's electrical power?

     Welsh is one of twenty cities and towns in Louisiana that maintain it's own independent municipal electrical power system.  Eighteen of these cities and towns, including Welsh, are members of the Louisiana Energy and Power Authority (LEPA)

     LEPA is a non-profit, joint-action agency created by the State Legislature in 1979 to provide a reliable and economic supply of electrical power and energy to member municipalities.  LEPA is authorized in joint ownership of large generating plants with other utilities.

    Each member city is represented by an individual who serves on the LEPA Board of Directors.  LEPA utilized the most efficient power sources out of a pool of resources to control the power costs of its members, and transports this electricity to participating member cities and towns through its computerized Energy Control Center located just outside Lafayette